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Whether you need to protect your property from erosion and run-off or you want to add dimension to your landscaping, a retaining wall can help. For retaining wall construction in Needham, MA, Mento Landscape has the experience and expertise to provide you with a quality structure that is both stylish and functional. A well-built retaining wall can save you thousands of dollars in the long run. Run-off and erosion can damage the foundation of your home, and poor masonry can present an additional danger to members of the household and visitors.


Why Consider Retaining Wall Construction in Needham?

Besides maintaining the desired slope of the landscape, more people are incorporating these walls for decoration. The following are several areas in which decorative walls can improve the visual appeal of your property:

  • Raised Gardens: You put a lot of work into your garden, and it should show. You can increase the visibility of your flower beds and other plants by highlighting them with brick or stone masonry.
  • Elevated Patios: There is nothing quite like watching the sunrise or sunset from a high place. Installing a retaining wall around a patio is a great way to boost the scenery, giving you a level area where you can sit and enjoy that gorgeous view over the trees.
  • Sunken Driveways: Nothing is pretty about mud seeping onto your driveway and settling in after heavy rains. A retaining wall can keep the mud away, and you can then beautify your driveway further by installing unique pavements or gravels that will no longer be affected by erosion.

Mento Landscape Offers Quality Retaining Wall Construction in Needham, MA

You may be tempted to try to install a retaining wall on your own, but there are many issues to consider in doing so. First, the quality of the bricks or stones can greatly affect the durability of the wall; you do not want your wall to deteriorate due to erosion or allow run-off to seep through it. Second, you will need to calculate the right weight and thickness for the wall depending on the height and slope of the soil it is holding back. You can avoid all of these issues by hiring the experts from Mento Landscape.


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