At Mento Landscaping & Paving, Inc., our services include the construction of retaining walls in Norwell, MA. Whether you’re looking to build, repair or replace a retaining wall in your yard, we’re here to help. With your choice of natural stones, bricks or pavers, there literally are endless design possibilities for your home. – Contact us today to receive an estimate!


Benefits of Retaining Walls

Retaining walls are excellent landscaping features, for their functionality and appearance. Take a look at the benefits:

1. Maximize space

Retaining walls allow you to maximize your yard space and more effectively use the land you have. If you’re looking to build a shed, patio or courtyard, for example, retaining walls help secure land backfill after excavation, while giving your landscaping a unique and elegant design.

2. Control erosion

Retaining walls control land erosion. Adding retaining walls to unleveled areas of your yard will preserve landscaping and stabilize soil. They save your home from the effects of water runoff by diverting water and allowing it to travel safely through your yard.

3. Beautify landscaping

Retaining walls enhance your landscaping. With their endless design options, retaining walls enhance the look of your yard, adorning your home with the beauty of elegant, timeless architecture. –Feel free to view our blog for design ideas.

Retaining walls for your Norwell home!

Mento Landscaping is a family-owned and -operated company. Founded in 1973, we have provided affordable, quality services throughout the South Shore for over 37 years. We stand by our work.

If you want landscaping you can count on, contact the professionals at Mento. When it comes to landscaping and masonry, we know best. –Contact us today to have retaining walls added to the landscaping at your home in Norwell, MA!



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