The leaves are beginning to pile up as 2015 take a turn toward the fall season! Whether it’s spring, summer, winter, or fall, one thing is for sure: Mento Landscape and Paving retaining walls provide year-round benefits from a look and use standpoint. Mento retaining walls, professionally constructed by their team, can transform an entire look of a property – stone by stone, brick by brick, and paver by paver!




Styles and designs are available in a wide variety, and there is a large selection of material types that will define how your wall ultimately looks. The team of professionals at Mento Landscape and Paving have the experience and product knowledge to guide you through the selection process to help ensure the wall built at your home is the best choice for your property.




Call Mento Landscape and Paving today to discuss what types of wall designs and materials are available: 781-843-3930. If you have wanted to update the curb appeal of your property, there is no better time than today – visit the Mento team at 1157 Washington Street, Braintree, MA. From spring to fall, Mento has you covered!