Each season, I continue to find that one of the most asked questions we hear from customers is: “How much does a paver patio cost?”

Typically, that question is asked in one of two ways. In Example #1, a customer will show me a photograph of something they like, whether it be from our blog or something they saw on social media, and they’ll follow-up by asking what the price would be for something similar. In Example #2, a customer will tell us they’re in the market for a patio and want to know how much we charge per square foot. Both great questions, both asked differently, and in this blog we’ll explain some of the factors that go in to pricing a patio. Best of all? With only a little information we can price most patios without even visiting your home!

Factor #1: Access. When we arrive at your home, will we have the necessary access needed to bring in our machinery? Will our crews be able to drive right on to the spot where your new patio will be constructed? Is there a fence at your property? And if there is a fence, can we temporarily remove a section while we work? Access is key during installation and will certainly make the job easier. That said, for decades we’ve worked with all types of locations and sizes and can tailor your project based on the access available at your home.

Factor #2: Size Matters. Generally speaking, the bigger the patio, the more it will cost – but it’s important to remember a smaller patio will cost more per square foot than a larger patio will. As is the case for thousands of other products on the market, the more you buy (the bigger the patio), the better deal you’ll get! 

Factor #3: Materials Matter, Too. While the bulk of a patio cost is generally the labor associated with the install, the material selected certainly plays a role in pricing. Granite, Bluestone, and other natural stones will generally carry a higher price tag than what interlocking pavers will cost. For most customers, interlocking pavers will be a perfect fit due to the fact they’re available in a wide variety of colors, shapes and sizes, and come in at a better price point.

Factor #4: What’s Your Yard Like? The grade of your yard is important. Will we be able to level out the existing area to install your patio? If not, we’ll need to construct a retaining wall (or two) in order to support the grade of your outdoor space – and that will play a role in your patio’s pricing.

Factor #5: Location. Is your patio going to be directly off your driveway? If so, that will make it easier for our crews throughout the process. If it’s going to be further back at the rear of your yard, that’s fine too! It will just take a little more work during installation.

So, how much will a patio cost? As you can tell, there’s several factors that will play a role in the final price, but most of the key information I need to provide you with a price can be answered within a ten minute phone call. If you’re looking for a general idea, here’s an example: our most commonly requested patio is 400 square feet (roughly the size of a two car garage) at a home that has a fairly level yard and a fence that we can temporarily remove and reinstall during installation. Generally, this would cost you between $7,000 and $9,000.

If you’re looking for pricing on a patio for your specific space, call today and we’ll walk you through all of the questions referenced above. Have a photo of what you’re looking for? Even better! Once you’re in touch with our team, sending along videos of your outdoor space and photos of what you’re looking for will help ensure a smooth process from start to finish.

Be sure to check out my next blog, which will include pricing for all of the fun patio add-ons, such as fire pits, sitting walls, lighting, and more!

Blog By: Jason Smith